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We are among the Top 15 MBA programs of 2014, which have been awarded by Wprost, one of the most popular Polish weekly magazine providing social and political commentary.

Description of the program

The MBA program is designed for management professionals and specialists who wish to expand their qualifications through a managerial component. The programs guarantees both wide and specialized management knowledge in the fields of communication, marketing, information technology systems and healthcare.
Graduates receive an MBA diploma and a postgraduate MBA certificate from University of Management (SAN) and a prestigious American Master’s degree from Clark University, taken from the choice of professional studies of the College of Professional and Continuing Education.

You will receive the highest quality managerial education, together with knowledge and experience that can be effectively used at every stage of a company’s or another organization’s development.

Managerial competences obtained:

  • management of complex teams and organizational structures
  • project implementation
  • professional human resources management management
  • creation and implementation of strategies for development in modern companies
  • utilising modern tools and systems in management, such as controlling and balanced scorecard 
  • decision making based on analytical data
  • crisis management 
  • risk management 
  • ability to quickly analyse and react to the changing environment
  • forming competetive advantages of companies
  • investment management

Program of studies

The MBA program offered by the University of Management has been developed basing on Clark University graduate studies. Clark University began offering postgraduate programs in Poland in 2004. Since then the programs have been constantly gaining popularity and maintaining a good reputation among business studies in English.

MBA courses:

  1. Managerial Accounting
  2. Investments & Controlling
  3. Modern Methods of Management
  4. International Business
  5. Legal Aspects of Management
  6. Business Cases

MSPC courses:

  1. Intercultural Communication
  2. Communication Theory and Research
  3. Advanced Professional Communication
  4. Organizational Behavior and Leadership
  5. Management Information Systems
  6. Foundations of Business Analysis
  7. Project Management
  8. Human Resources Management
  9. Global Marketing and Advertising

+ Each concentration has 2 additional specialization courses and a Capstone project related to the concentration.

MBA in Managerial Communication is a specialization for managers in corporations. The program teaches participants to manage and lead complicated structures of large companies. Communication barriers are the most common drawbacks of complex organizations and can result in a decrease of effectiveness. Our specialists present methods to eliminate those barriers in practice and increase the efficiency of enterprise activities.

MBA in Managerial Communication program gives the knowledge how to manage complicated corporate structures. Communication barriers are one of the most common problems encountered in complex organizations, leading eventually to decreasing their effectiveness. Our specialists will share with you their practical expertise in limiting these barriers and increasing effectiveness of business.

 Candidate profile:

The profile of MBA in Managerial Communication program allows to supplement and raise qualifications of professionally active managers working, among others, in:

  • private and public sector,
  • national and international companies, non-governmental organizations,
  • audit firms,
  • consulting companies,
  • as communication specialists,
  • in the area of coaching or project management.

Marketing Communication is a specialization designed for marketing managers. Modern enterprises base their future primarily on marketing activities. Performing the function of marketing management is a great responsibility, directly instrumental to the fate of one's organization. This specialization welcomes the potential architects of business development.

Acquired skills:

  • management of complex projects in marketing, advertising and PR,
  • ability of effective verbal and non-verbal, interpersonal and social communication with the application of diverse media and technologies,
  • ability of cross-cultural communication in marketing, advertising and PR,
  • ability to analyze the results of marketing research.

Candidate profile:

The profile of MBA in Marketing Communication program allows to supplement and raise qualifications of professionally active managers working, among others, in: Marketing companies, PR Agency, Advertising agency.


In the managerial marketplace there is a significant lack of skilled healthcare managers. Among many specializations, Healthcare Management offers the greatest opportunities for finding a position. Economies of many countries, including Poland, will be facing a delayed reform of management and organization of health care. Undertaking this program of studies today will open opportunities in an entirely new market segment, which will be the management of health systems. It is rapidly becoming one of the most anticipated and lucrative specializations in business.

MBA in Health Management program prepares graduates to implement basic functions of process management in economic and administrative organizations. The program develops the skills to recognize, diagnose and solve problems related with the management of human, material and financial assets of economic and administrative organizations.

Candidate profile:

MBA in Health Management program allows to improve and supplement qualifications of professionally active managers in, among others, health care agencies of local government institutions. It is also addressed to:

  • active doctors, nurses, pharmacists, lawyers, economists,
  • representatives of other professions in the healthcare sector,
  • graduates of medical studies, including programs in health sciences, people interested in earning new qualifications, updating knowledge and professional preparation to work in healthcare institutions and agencies

The basis of any organization is to effectively manage people: knowledge of methods and techniques of personnel management, leadership, motivation and negotiation skills, as well as public relations among employees. Thus, the key element is effective communication at different levels of the organization.

The MBA HR program also provides practical managerial skills associated with the most important processes in any company or institution.

Due to orientation on the satisfaction of customer needs, the program gives organizations proper integration of marketing functions with other functional areas of the organization, such as finances, communication and HR management. The program is also aimed at building goal-reaching and vision-pursuing approach in organizations. Potential architects of the development of companies are welcome to join this concentration.

Acquired skills:

  • ability to elaborate HR development strategies,
  • optimization of the use of human resources,
  • ability to apply modern methods of motivation,
  • ability to manage HR in intercultural environments,
  • building the value of intellectual capital in organizations.

Candidate profile:

People who want to improve their skills in the area of HR management, predominantly:

  • managerial staff of all levels of management
  • HR managers
  • career counselors

In today’s world, the successful IT manager demonstrates not only the proficient understanding of computer systems, but also the leadership of IT organizations. By choosing this concentration, you will learn how to manage the people of various system environments as well as their technical requirements. You will gain specific and unique knowledge, but above all tools for more effective management of organizations.

Contemporary IT managers are professionals with high qualifications in the area of analysis and improving business processes, building efficient project teams and successful implementations of IT both in public sector as well as in business environment. At the same time, good managers possess current knowledge in the field of finances, skills to calculate profitability of future activities and to conduct cost analysis. They are also familiar with processes and issues related to information management, organization and security computer networks as well as marketing and promotion.

Candidate profile:

  • in companies implementing ERP systems – implementation consultant,
  • implementation team manager
  • consulting companies
  • in IT departments as the manager, project manager, coordinator,
  • in ICT sector, with an option to work in projects as an independent consultant,

ICT companies as the manager, initiator, project manager.


Among the programs offered by University of Management in cooperation with Clark University, MBA studies are distinctive in a number of organizational aspects as well as the extended curriculum (additional managerial modules) designed for managers:

  • more hours devoted to the practical use of knowledge
  • final exams in a form of group projects
  • Capstone project carried out for an external company
  • an opportunity to exchange experiences among participants by using their knowledge of managerial issues
  • instructors teaching MBA modules are a group of renowned specialists with working experience in their fields, carefully selected to teach different aspects of business education
  • verification of the curriculum by independent assembly of representatives of business organizations
  • additional lectures held for the MBA students by renowned specialists in the field of business and economics
  • career counseling by American experts
  • access to additional materials related to economy and management

Graduate's profile

Graduates of the MBA programs are prepared for complex, institutional management. Thanks to diverse, professional options, graduates are trained to occupy prospective managerial professions in a modern economy, such as Information Technology or Health Systems.

Clark University prepares students to move to positions on higher organizational levels, where communication ability, responsibility and effectiveness count. We achieve this by providing professional programs based on American experience, famous for educating practical competences.

A partcipant of the program will obtain skills through practical problem solving and working with real projects. The program of studies was designed in cooperation with business representatives, making it more valuable in merit which is based on the experience of both researchers and practitioners.

General information about the program


24 months or 18 months, with option of taking 1 or 2 semesters in the USA

Part-time (weekend sessions) (more)
Diplomas obtained:
  • Master of Science in Professional Communication (from Clark University, USA)
  • MBA diploma and certificate from University of Social Science (Społeczna Akademia Nauk, Poland) (more)
Language of instruction: English - 100%
Admissions deadline:

(24 months mode) - 16 October (Candidates from out of the EU - 31 July)

(18 months mode) - 15 March
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