Clark Community Poland – background


Each of us fulfills themselves in their own individual way. Satisfaction is usually born when you have strong family or business relationships, when you develop your knowledge, take part in important things, or help.

We have created Clark Community Poland to help CCP members achieve satisfaction.

CCP is a special place where we focus on being active and committed, this is what we expect from you.

As a member of Clark Community Poland, you can count on:


  1. Prestige resulting from being a member of Clark Community Poland
  2. Strong business relationships – remember Six degrees of separation
  3. Support in finding the right job
  4. Participation in business projects
  5. Developing your competences by participating in workshops and seminars to raise your profile
  6. Sharing knowledge through participation in ThinkTanks – internal thematic forums
  7. Expanding your horizons through participation in events organized by the CCP and other organizations
  8. Help in solving your problems through an active CCP members forum
  9. Support for your projects, lectures, events
  10. Developing international contacts with universities, faculty, business centers.


The above will not be possible without the active attitude and involvement of CCP members in selected initiatives, therefore a system of awarding ‘talents’ has been developed.

The ‘talents’ are awarded to any person who will carry out his or her own project for CCP or will join a project run by other club members or the authorities of CCP. Members with at least 3 talents collected in one year will be specially honored and appreciated by Clark Community Poland.

The basic rules for participation in the CCP are contained in the Regulations.


To allow graduates of Clark University programs in Poland to develop their career, broaden their skills, deepen their relationships, acquire new ones, and promote the good reputation of Clark University.


A unique club for graduates, faculty and friends, with stable, clear rules, full infrastructure including human and financial resources. The Community is proud to hold permanent relationships with the University as well as  scientific, business and economic entities.

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