Admission procedure

Admission procedure for all English language programs at University of Social Sciences includes two stages:

  • registration in online admission portal
  • submitting the original of the entry qualification documents to the Admissions Office.

STEP 1: Register in the online admission portal and uploading required documents to the online application form:

  • Copy of Bachelor's diploma or Enginere's diploma or Master's diploma or equivalent with transcript of records
  • Copy of an ID card (for UE citizens) or a passport (for non-UE citizens, page with photo)
  • 1 photo (3,5 x 4,5)
  • Declaration for Clark University programs
  • 3 recommendations
  • Motivational Letter
  • Language certificate (check: Language requirements)
  • International Student Declaration (if it's required)

Additionally for International Students

  • Legalization/Apostille (exceptions: citizens of Ukraine and Belarus) -  if you don't have Legalization/Apostille, please submit the diploma and transcripts to the Admissions Office for verification)
  • Copy of the Polish visa or Residence Card

STEP 2: The Admissions Committee of the University will evaluate your documents within 3 working days and if there is something missing, they will ask you to complete your application.

STEP 3: After a positive verification of your application and documents by the Admissions Committee, you will be asked to pay the application fee.

STEP 4: Visit the Admissions Office within 7 days and submit the originals of all required documents.

MBA@SAN Interview Guide

Admissions Committee conducts interview to obtain an insight into the professional profiles of the candidates, their motivations and the goals they want to achieve in the future.

The main purpose of the interview is to determine the candidate's predisposition to start and finish MBA studies. In particular interviewer will check candidate's language skills, professional experience and overall readiness to study MBA.


At the beginning

  • In three to five days after initial verification of your application documents and receiving by the university your application fee, you will be invited for a Skype interview.
  • Admissions Office of the University will send you an email with information what time the interview will take place.
  • It can be very difficult to change the times and dates of you interview, so if possible, try to go at the suggested time. If you can’t attend at the allotted time, you need to let the University know as soon as possible.

The interview

  • Interviews will take place in Lodz or in Warsaw (depends on choosing campus):

- in Lodz on Wednesdays between 5 - 7 pm.

- in Warsaw on on Wednesdays between 1 - 2 pm.

- there is also possibility to take Skype interview. If you would like to use this operation please contact with admissions office: [email protected]

  • Interview will take 20-30 min. in form of face to face meeting with the Director of MBA@SAN program.
  • Please take your CV and Motivation Letter with you.


Please check your emails regularly after the interview. Up to  two days you should receive feedback and further instructions in which you will be asked to visit Admissions Office to submit the oryginals of your documents and finish your admission process.        

Procedure for Candidates applying outside of Poland
Online registration instruction

To register into Online Admissions Portal, first please choose your citizenship. It is very important to select your citizenship correctly, because the admission procedure might be different for students from different countries. Attention: You will not be able to change your citizenship in your application form after registration.

After choosing your citizenship please create your account in your system by "Become an applicant" button.

To sign up, please fill in the following fields and create your applicant account. Please be careful with the email address which you will provide into our system. Into this email addres you will be receivinig all replies from the University, so please make sure that it is correct.

You will receive your unique applicant access code. Please make a note of this code and keep it secure. This code gives you access to your account on this website and allows you to modify and submit your application.

Continue your application process by selecting a study program. After you have found where you want to apply to, click "Apply now!" and your application will be automatically created.

Here you will find all programs offered by our University. Once you have found a study opportunity with the search below, just click “Apply now!” and you will be taken to the correct application form.

Your online application is divided for sections connected with: your personal data, educational and professional experience, motivation or references (depending on a choosend program). Please make sure that you have filled in all required fields marked with red *.

Please carefully study the requirements in the checklist and upload the required documents. You will need to scan them into the computer and then upload them below.
You can only upload files up to 4 MiB in size each from the following types: JPEG, GIF, PNG, PDF. Please make sure that the image is not blurry or distorted and has plenty of contrast. Remember that they should be legible when printed out.

The documents must be upright (not upside down) and in portrait mode (taller than wider).

In last section "Check list" please verify if you have uploaded all required documents and have resolved all given tasks.

In "Check list" also will be given with some  new tasks during your admission process. Make sure that you mark your answers correctly. You can also leave some addition information regarding your documents.

After completing your online application and uploading all required documents, please submit your application (blue button in top of the page). You will be informed immediately if your application was successfully delivered to the admission office.

If you will miss some required fields which can not be empty, our system will ask you to resolve all indicated errors (marked with exclamation points) before re-submitting.

On the left side of your online application you will find menu with:

  • Application - where you can return into your online form and edit it or view
  • Offer - where you will find doucments iddued for you by Admissions Office
  • Tasks - information about actions which you must take
  • Inbox - here you can see all correspondence sent by the University (it will also be sent directly into your email address)
  • Finances - here you can find your invoices
  • Calendar - here you can register yourself for any events for new Candidates offered by University